Participating in Guild Shows

Policy on Standards.

An object of the Guild is to provide its Exhibiting Members with quality venues at which they may exhibit and sell their crafts. To this end all participating Exhibiting Members are required to display their craft in such a way that maintains the status and quality of the Guild Exhibitions and Sales. At all such events the space is occupied by the Guild and not individual members and accordingly any changes to the way the space is utilised or allocated may only be in agreement with the event Organiser.

In accordance with the Constitution the Committee has formulated the following Policy on Standards that all Exhibiting Members are required to observe at such events:

  1. It is required that all tables at exhibitions are covered with clean and un-creased cloths that are large enough to cover the table front and sides to the ground, being pinned in a tidy fashion and so that all storage and other articles under the table are hidden from public view;
  2. It is required that all stands and other display materials are of good quality, clean and well maintained;
  3. No additional side tables or free standing displays are to be used without the prior approval of the event Organiser;
  4. It is required that all display tables are manned at all times. In the event of it being necessary to leave the table, it must be ensured that someone is available to handle sales and answer queries;
  5. It is required that all display tables are manned until the stipulated closing time of the show;
  6. Only crafts for which the Exhibiting Member has been assessed and accepted may be sold at such events;
  7. No other craft or business may be displayed or publicised;
  8. Regard and consideration must be had for adjacent displays – do not block the public’s view of the table of your neighbour or encroach on their space; be considerate with bright lighting.
  9. For any event the event Organiser may stipulate other matters relevant to the venue or nature of the event.

In addition, while everyone has a different way of displaying and selling their craft, every member represents the Guild as a whole and the Committee makes the following recommendations:

  1. Every visitor to a table should be greeted and made welcome;
  2. Members should not engage in conversation with neighbouring Members and ignore the public at their stand.
  3. If refreshments are consumed at the table, this should be done in a discrete manner.

And finally – the event Organiser will assume that each Member will man their display table from behind and will plan accordingly. Any Member who wishes to man their table from the side or from in front is requested to advise the Organiser in advance, so that the event can be arranged to best advantage, having regard to the space available.

Complaints: Any comments or complaints about a venue must be made to the event Organiser or another member of the committee and not made directly to the venue.

If there are any queries, please raise with the event Organiser or another member of the Committee.


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