The Guild is not a ‘just another craft fair organiser’. It is selective of the nature and quality of the crafts exhibited at its shows. Exhibiting Members of the Guild may only exhibit and sell at Guild shows work, examples of which have been assessed and passed by the Assessment Committee. It is carried out by the applicant bringing work and displaying it for the Assessment Committee. The applicant is not generally present during the assessment. On occasion the Assessment Committee may only pass for exhibition with the Guild certain types of examples of the applicant’s craft.

Assessment of craft work is always difficult, as it is always ultimately a subjective judgment. However in making their assessment the Assessment Committee will have regard to the following:

Suitability: The craft must be considered as suitable for the Guild shows, and the Committee will bear in mind that the Guild does not wish to have too many members with a similar craft.

Originality: The work must be original in concept and execution. The assessment Committee would find it helpful to see preparatory work – sketches and notes for example.

Good Craftsmanship: The work must demonstrate the applicant’s expertise with the techniques of their craft, and show skill and care in their application.

Design Skills: The articles must show a good blend of form and function.

Display: It is important that the applicants display their work well for assessment.

Exhibiting Members must maintain the quality of their craft.

Membership Application Form


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